How to Submit Livermore HOG Chapter Ride and Event Photos

If you have pictures that you have taken on a Livermore HOG ride and would like to have them added to the website, there are several good options for getting them to the webmaster. Emailing the photos is not recommended for more than a few photos, as sending multiple messages can be a hassle and also reduce the quality of the images if they are sent as low resolution photos.

The following two methods are recommended:

1. The first method is to copy them onto a USB “thumb drive” or an SD memory card and give that to the webmaster. He will copy the images and return the thumb drive or SD card.

2. The second and much easier method, if one has access to the internet, is to send the photos to the webmaster through the internet using a web browser. This is a simple two step process. Rinse and repeat for each set of ride photos.

A. The first step is to send an email message to the webmaster at the address indicating which ride(s) or event(s) and date(s) the photos, that you wish to submit, are from. Please include both the year and month of the ride or event.

B. The webmaster will then send an email message back to you for each ride or event that you listed. Each email message will have a link that will open up a web page where you can submit (upload) the ride or event photos that you want to share with Livermore HOG.