Ride Skill Level (RSL) Designations and Descriptions

Easy Ride (RSL-1)

Consisting mostly of back roads with some freeways and ride lasts approximately 4 hours. This is a great ride for beginning riders as they work to improve their riding skills, or for all riders who are just looking for a nice leisurely ride.

Moderate Ride (RSL-2)

This ride consists mostly of back roads, but more freeways than Easy Ride. Ride can last up to approximately 6 hours, and may contain some twisties. This is a good ride for riders that feel like they have mastered the Easy Ride category.

Experienced Ride (RSL-3)

This ride could be as much as 50% freeway or back road twisties, some switchbacks, and lots of downshifting. Ride can last up to approximately 8 hours.

Advanced Ride (RSL-4)

This ride can entail high speed freeways, twisty back roads with switchbacks, unguarded drop offs, reverse banking curves, etc., and can last all day. These rides should be attended by experienced riders that can handle all situations and can ride for extended periods of time.