Livermore HOG Chapter members may join the
LivermoreHOG Yahoo mailing list and receive emails
and ride and event reminders from Livermore HOG.

If you have joined our chapter but are not yet on our mailing list, use the process outlined below to request access to our Yahoo group. If you have not yet joined, but are interested in doing so, go to our About Us page or contact our Membership Officer.

IMPORTANT: To receive chapter emails and ride and event reminders from Livermore HOG, you must be a member of the Livermore HOG chapter and the National HOG organization. Our Yahoo group is restricted to only the current Livermore HOG members.

Submitting a request to join the Livermore HOG Yahoo group is easy !! You can also use the steps below to change your email address if you are already on the list.

Step 1: Send an email to with your First and Last Name using the email address you would like us to use. If you are sending your request message from a different email account than the one you would like us to use, include the email address that you want us to use in your request message along with your name.

Step 2: After the Web Guy is notified of your request and has verified that you are a member of the Livermore Chapter, you will receive an email message from 'Yahoo! Groups Invitation', which will be an invitation to join the Yahoo group. The message will read "You have been invited to join LivermoreHOG group!" Just below that message you will see a small gray rectangular button labled "Join Mailing List." Click on that button and your email address, that was used to send you the invitation, will be added to the group email list. That's all there is to it !! After you click on the button, another window will appear asking you to enter your Yahoo ID or to create one, but this may be safely ignored if you wish. There is no longer a need to have or enter a Yahoo ID to get onto the mailing list.

Step 3: There is no step 3 !! If you did steps 1 and 2, your email address has been added to the Group !!

If you have any questions or problems signing up, please contact the: